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We had to get out of the confinements of our four walls, so our pandemic trip (yes, you heard that right) was Antigua, Guatemala and, oh, was it a sight to behold. Take a look for yourself:


 where was it 

 when was it 

MAY 19

  • RDU > MIA > GUA

  • Airport Pickup via shuttle

  • Hotel Check-In: Casa Santo Domingo

  • Explore the Town

  • Eat at Cactus for lunch

  • Rent an ATV from Simoon's

  • Eat at Casa Santo Domingo's restaurant for dinner

MAY 23

  • Check-out of AirBnB

  • Shop at the local artist's market

  • Shuttle ride to Hilton Guatemala City Hotel

  • Check-in to hotel 

MAY 20

  • Explore and shop the hotel

  • Book tours with Elizabeth Bell

  • Check-in to AirBnB

  • Explore the city

MAY 23

  • Breakfast at Hotel

  • Check-out of hotel

  • Uber for errands 

  • Uber to Airport

  • COVID tests for pre-flights

  • GUA > DFW

  • Chec-in to layover hotel

MAY 21

  • Tour 1: Ximche ruins in Tecpan

  • Tour 2: San Vicente Pacaya volcano 

  • Take a much needed break at the AirBnB

MAY 24

  • Check-out of layover hotel

  • Lyft to airport

  • DFW > RDU

MAY 22

  • Tour 3: Visit Lake Atitilan villages

  • Drive the ATV around sites in Antigua

 what did we do 



DAY 1:


We chose Antigua as our destination and we did not regret it. This is one of my top favorite adventures.


We flew from RDU > MIA > GUA, flying out at 7am EST and landing at 11am CST. Total trip time: ~5 hours. 

We arranged for Casa Santo Domingo to pick us up from the hotel and drive us back to the hotel which was a seamless process.

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