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We want to shoutout to our favorite products that make our trips easy and breezy



Osprey Porter 46

Hands down, Osprey makes the best travel bag. We take our Osprey bags everywhere and they make bags that fit any occasion. I call them the 'ables: durable, reliable, convertible, and organizable. We have the Osprey Porter 46 for all of our trips. 


Osprey Meridian 75

Having said the above, we use the Osprey Meridian 75L for longer, international trips. It pairs nicely with the Porter because the handle's rails are as long as the Porter 46. Once you adjust the straps, it can rest on rails to allow easy movement through the airport. 



Yeti Coolers

Yes, we are recommending Yeti products. And hear us out. Besides the pop of colors and the fan-base, these coolers keep our food and drinks cold for days. The customizable Yeti ice is just yet another classic design touch for their trusted functionality. We have the coral Tundra 45 and the Hopper Flip 12.


Bose SoundLink Micro

This speaker goes on every. single. adventure. The battery lasts for days, it's waterproof, it has a bendable clip... I can go on and on about this little speaker with a big voice, but Amazon says it better



Shibumi Shade

Have you heard the word? Our Shibumi is always in our beach bag. Made by a local Raleigh company, the Shibumi shade takes the hassle out of putting shade up on the beach. If you are tired of almost wiping out a small family with your umbrella, check these guys out and let them know the Gingers sent 'ya. 



Grayl Water Purifier

We purchased this to go on our camping trips and it's awesome. The GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz keeps our water purified by using a press filtration system and has been ranked as one of the top water filter bottles. Check it out at REI! 

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